Make your gallery a wellness destination.

In our experience-saturated world, galleries are in a constant battle for attention. New audiences are further and further from reach. And even when people come through the doors, their visits are often hurried and shallow. 

Galleries are left feeling helpless and irrelevant.

Wanderble gives you access to the growing self-care audience and provides opportunities for deeper connection with all audiences.

New audiences

To combat the stress of everyday life, people (especially millennials) are making more time for wellness and self care. Wanderble connects self care to galleries.

Deeper engagement

Wanderble users spend more time (82%)  and have greater appreciation of artworks (80%).

“It made me feel like I connected more with the artwork.” – Wanderble user

“I’ve looked at that painting 1000 times but with this experience I found something new.” – Gallery guide

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