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Announcing Wanderble Workplace:

How often do you find yourself feeling stressed at work?

If you’re like the rest of the world, it’s a lot.

According to the Global Organization for stress, 80% of workers feel stress on the job and these levels are rising around the world. 

We’re excited to be partnering with Wanderble Workplace to bring you a brand new, evidence-backed mindfulness programme that will tool you up to manage stress and achieve your goals.

Have you heard the increasing buzz about the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

There’s good reason for this hype. After 3000 years, mediation is becoming mainstream. Michael Jordon does it. The Navy Seals do it. Silicon Valley high achievers are doing it. 

The study of mindfulness is called “contemplative neuroscience”. It’s a young but growing field with hundreds of studies being undertaken each year. Mindfulness has been proven to change our brains and our bodies. 

Even a 10-minute daily practice can make a difference. We’ll show you how to fit this 10 minutes into your coffee break, your commute or a walk around the block!

Benefits like increased focus, better interpersonal communications and even improved immunity are the shiny baubles that draw people into mindfulness practice but for those who develop the habit of a regular practice, there is much more in store.

Mindfulness has been shown in the lab to transform the structure of the brain, so we act less by default and more by design. We start to understand ourselves and others in new ways. It’s the start of what might become the most important adventure you ever embark on.

We’re excited to introduce you to all these benefits through a regular mindfulness practice.

Soon, you’ll receive an email inviting you to opt in to the early Wanderble Workplace trial. 

We hope to see you there!

In the mean time, check out this quick desk body scan!


Opt in email:

Did you know that the simple techniques of mindfulness can improve focus, creativity – even immunity?

We are excited to bring you access to Wanderble Workplace – an evidence-based mindfulness programme designed to make these simple and beneficial brain exercises part of your everyday work habit.

To opt in, just follow this link [insert link from your team admin page]. You’ll be asked a few baseline survey questions and then you’ll get access to the Wanderble Workplace library of experiences, where you’ll find tools for taking a break, recovering from an upsetting interaction (they happen, we know) or switching off after work.

You’ll also receive a five-part introductory course via email. These experiences will help you understand more about the science of mindfulness and introduce you to the basic ideas of the practice.

We encourage you to download the experience meeting invites – to put a few minutes each day in your working calendar. This will help make mindfulness a daily habit – and allow you to unlock the benefits faster.

It’s time to get started. We’re so excited to deliver these tools to you.

Click here to access Wanderble Workplace

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