Combat burnout and unlock productivity

Wanderble Workplace's evidence-backed
programme reduces stress and improves focus
for a happier workplace.

What costs businesses billions of dollars every year?


77% of workers say they regularly encounter physical symptoms caused by stress – back pain, headaches and trouble sleeping. This leads to more sick days and on-the-job accidents.

Employers are responsible for employees wellbeing, and this includes workplace stress and fatigue.

Wanderble Workplace delivers audio mindfulness coaching your team can access any time.



What you need when you need it – mindfulness exercises to combat stress, re-set or switch off.



Introduction series

Learn how mindfulness works and the brain science behind it.


Made to be sticky

The latest science on habit hacking to get the most from the programme.

Download the business case on workplace mindfulness

Wanderble Workplace combines science-backed mindfulness training with the latest in habit change to give your employees the best chance of creating a transformative mindfulness habit.

It’s easy to get started.


Choose a plan.


Invite employees.


Happier workplace.

Investments in mindfulness have been shown to deliver $3000 per employee in productivity gains alone – with fewer sick days, improved performance and reduced health care costs.

By encouraging your employees to build mindful breaks into their day, you can equip them with powerful tools to manage stress, improve focus and collaborate better.

Get started with a free 14-day workplace wellness challenge!

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